Tax Alerts
October 25, 2020


Summit Strategies Chartered Professional Accountants offers a full slate of professional services including tax preparation and financial reporting for both personal and corporate clients.


In addition to compliance services we pride ourselves in taking a strategic approach focusing on each individual client's needs. We take the time to look at your bigger picture issues and focus on overall planning rather than just preparing tax returns.

About Us

Summit Strategies is a mid-sized firm that has the capacity to deliver services that are focused on your specific needs. We are a diverse group of professionals with experience in a wide range of industries.

We can help you every step of the way, right from business start-up to retirement. We offer a team of professionals that will work together to advise and execute in nearly all areas of your financial affairs. Imagine the efficiency of having all your current advisors working together. Even if you are happy with your current accountant, investment advisor, insurance provider or lawyer we can help you to better manage your affairs by providing "integrated planning" for them to act on.

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